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Sporting success nipped in the bud

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State-level carrom player Janhavi More was killed in a road accident in Dombivli last week, days ahead of her participation in the national-level championship. More was crossing the road at a busy junction near her house, Lodha Heaven, when she was hit by a speeding truck and was declared dead at a nearby hospital minutes later. Coached by her father since the age of five, the 20-year-old aimed to represent India in carrom. The champion’s family has blamed congestion, poor traffic management and dysfunctional traffic signals for her death and callous attitude of the transport constable and the high speed driving of a tanker driver. Janhavi is survived by her parents and 17-year-old brother.

A student of Modern College Dombivli, More was not eligible for the National Senior level tournament last year as the list was declared before she turned 20 in December. She was practicing very hard to be a part of the championship this year. Her hard work and talent have led to 13 medals so far in the national junior championships and 21 at the state level. Janhavi was very good in her studies too. She died at a young age and the Carrom fraternity lost an able player at the junior and senior level.

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As a carrom lover, I saw her play through videos and observed that Janhavi is concentration personified and her confidence level is high when she is going high up in the ladder. She plays a steady game and very good in pocketing straight coins and the cut stroke is simply phenomenal. She dethroned her opponents with consistent performance and made a match of it when she is down at crucial moments of the game. It is a great loss to the game as Janhavi was blooming into a next generation player.

Janhavi, in her five year career won 68 medals, spanning championship from district to national levels. She had won the bronze medal at the 46th Junior Youth Carrom National Championship in Nagpur and the Dombivali Krida Ratna Award in 2018.

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The family of More lost a loving personality and the carrom loving public lost an enchanting player with high promise and great talent. With Janhavi’s death her dreams of becoming an international carrom player has come to an end. Sporting success of Janhavi is nipped in the bud and it is a loss to the satellite city.

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