Saturday, September 18, 2021

Star Trek

Team India first suffered injury and later, the team members are facing inquiries and all the players are just waiting for IPL season to start. For some cricketers, this gentleman’s game has become a playboy game; the very sad state of affairs. Perhaps, with easy money – and that too in plenty – comes all vices. To add salt to the wound, Indian cricket team lost the first one day match to Australia by 34 runs with keeping both Rahul and Hardik Pandya out of the team and sending back home.

The crass comments on women made by cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul on a television show could make the two players susceptible to approaches by bookmakers through honey traps. At least, the comments such as the ones that have been made would definitely have painted a large, red target on the back of the players for potential recruiters for the organised syndicates, who attempt to indulge in match-fixing across the globe.

Thus, the playful Indian cricketers in a playboy style pay a heavy price for their petty comments.They are not kids, they represent the country. There is a code of conduct to be followed by the team members, especially the celebrity class in the side, but unfortunately they get carried away with the money and followers and suffer. They paid the penalty which they richly deserve for their outspoken comments on weaker sex. Easy money has spoiled the mind of these young cricketers. From eat cricket, sleep cricket now we face the situation of weep cricket as well.

In addition to this, we think Team India does not need KL Rahul. Hardik Pandya should focus on performance after a serious injury in Asia Cup. Already Hardik missed a very crucial Australia tour. Hardik is a very important asset for Team India because of his all-rounder skill. So both the players must focus on their Performances rather than creating controversy or conflict or comments. Maybe it will affect our team’s performance in the ongoing tour. Young players should keep away from such shows which will not enhance their performance but on the other hand bring a name for the players and the country.

When you are on the field, it is easy to get carried away. But TV shows are not field. The player should be aware of what they say on national television. Don’t care attitude has to be avoided and for those who don’t take it seriously, strict penal action has to be taken. In this direction, COA Vinod Rai recommendations are appropriate. Star trek actions and reactions on and off the field bring disrepute not only to the players but also to the country.


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