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Stay away from drugs

One of our television channels is doing very good job of highlighting the dangerous effects of the drug known as MD (Methamphetamine). How the drug is being sold and consumed by our youth without the food and drug inspectorate and the local police being unaware about it? It is heartening to see that local residents and a few NGO’s are trying to create awareness on the other hand the administration is least bothered about this issue.

Why should a particular portfolio be considered lucrative and not the other one? On television, we exaggerate things and portray in a manner to tease or belittle the other entity. Terrorism is an anti-national activity and must be tackled effectively. Why do you keep criticising people sitting in comfort of the studio and not join the Army?

You have not been able to deal with Abu Salem in so many years and now you are seeking the extradition of Hafiz Saeed who is roaming scot free in Pakistan. I had seen the picture of Abu Salem published in a newspaper and I find him quite fit and well groomed. Why don’t we persuade him to assist us in the drug eradication program? Why do you think that a person once proved guilty will not reform and become useful for the society? We could have reformed Ajmal Kasab and utilized his services for the betterment of the society. Even though Kasab had committed a serious crime, but he performed the duties assigned to him amicably.

I know I am treading on delicate subject but I am not supporting the criminals. Either the government must punish criminals quickly and if not, then follow the path of reformation and re-assimilation in the society. We have example of Malkan Singh a Chambal who had surrendered before the government. He was kept in a special barrack in jail as part of the surrender deal. After his release, Malkhan and several of his gang members were given Bhoodan lands to lead a simple and peaceful life.

Our youth are addicted to drugs what pleasure do they derive out of it? Instead they should go for jogging in the morning and perform some breathing exercises for 15 minutes. Drug use can cause people to act in strange unpredictable ways. A person can undergo a complete personality change when under the influence of drugs. Freeing our youth from drug abuse is also part of “Swatch Bharat” campaign.

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