Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Step up girls! Recognise your strength

A co-passenger traveling on the Delhi Mumbai flight, eve-teased, molested the Dangal fame actress Zaira Wasim. Molesting and sexual baiting of women or girls is objectionable, be the she an actress, a student, office worker or a housewife; but such anti social persons can be found everywhere. It is necessary to be courageous to deal with such persons. The molesters are becoming bold and behaving in this way with women. They have to be taught a lesson then and there itself. They are emboldened as they are not being taught a lesson. The bad elements in society will be removed only when the women become courageous. The bad elements will have to be eradicated from society such persons do not go away on their own. The message there is no place for the likes of such people in our society has to be given to them loud and clear. Being courageous in the films will not do, women have to defend themselves in real life as well. Women have to recognise her strength. Today itself she should strive to overcome one’s fear and timidity and awaken the strength to defend herself. Awakening one’s own strength is the only way that we will read news of how these bad elements are being taught a lesson and not the news that we read today of this girl or women being molested or raped or stalked.

Manisha Chandarana

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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