Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Stop appeasement of Muslims

Indian secularism today is governed by the fear of the Muslims.

When the draft of our Indian Constitution was finalized and adopted we had some great Muslim leaders like Maulana Azad, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan etc. On the other hand, today we have Muslim leaders like Azam Khan, Imam Bukhari etc. There is a huge difference between their thinking. Ideally, when Pakistan was formed along religious lines ( my personal opinion) Muslims should have been granted equal rights but they should not have been give voting rights.

Leaders belonging to Hindu and Muslim community would have never thought that after 50-60 years this fear psychosis will set in among the Indian masses. They would have never expected that there would be a degradation of morality and selfishness takes precedence. During that period, not only politicians but even the Muslim ICS officers were large hearted and pious. Over the years, the quality of Muslim IAS officers also has been deteriorated. Now we are riding a lion whose name is “ secularism” while our backside pains but we cannot overcome it. For resolving this issue we need pious Muslims and Hindus .

Today we have leaders like Azam Khan who said that victory on Kargil heights was achieved by the valor of Muslim soldiers and not Hindus. Mulayam Singh is only trying to appease Muslims for the sake of gaining their votes. To lure Muslim voters, Mulayam Singh can go to any extent and even support rapists who were repeated offenders and were awarded death sentence by the Mumbai Sessions Court. The Court must book Mulayam and Azam Khan and punish them for contempt and their candidature for Lok Sabha must be nullified by the Election Commission.

Muslims should realize that they are good, talented and strong community and it is unbecoming of them to set up shops ( the clerics) to sell votes. They are destined for higher accomplishments. They must stress on education, liberalize themselves and compete for jobs in all sectors, defense, government jobs, teaching, employment in private companies etc; where they are bound to succeed. They should stop running after Samajwadi party, Congress and AAP. Their alliance ( if any) with AAP contains possibly a sinister design bordering on separatism and it is the duty of all saner elements among us to wean them away from this path. If the BJP comes to power it should partner with Muslims for the nation’s development. They should punish the mischief makers among Muslims and encourage the liberal and pragmatic elements amongst them.

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