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Stop complaining enjoy the rain

Can you enjoy the smell of the earth before the onset of monsoons? Can you listen to the pitter patter falling of the rain? Or are you too busy and engrossed in your respective works to enjoy the rains? Of course, in metropolitan cities, rain means water logging, disruption of railway services, late to work, clothes not drying on time etc. So to be able to enjoy the rains, one needs to take a break from the city life and their daily routine to go to the nearest village or hill station.

Rains take me back to my fond memories of childhood. Those were the days…. When I would enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or hot tomato soup and egg pakodas while watching the rains. My mother would cook Khichdi whenever it used to rain. She would serve it with fried vegetables and fried eggs. Friends would come over and we would play indoor games. How can one forget the fun of driving away thieves who would come to steal mangoes from the garden? Young boys from slums would go from house to house and throw stones to catch mangoes. As it would be raining hence it is not possible for people dwelling in houses to drive away thieves in their gardens every minute. Hence, these young, notorious thieves take full advantage of the situation.

How can one forget the fun of getting wet in the rain? Of drenching oneself in the rain water and enjoying it? Especially if you have company? Artists and poets would be in full fledged business during the rains.

Mumbai rains are a menace. The rooms become damp, there is water logging all around. People succumb to various diseases when they come in contact with overflowing rain water. All means of transportation be it trains, buses and auto rickshaws refuse to ply. This adds to the woes of the commuters. They reach office late. How can one forget the menace of high tide? Roads get jammed, vehicles get stranded on the way. Street lights go off. Water enters shops and all food articles get spoiled, not consumable anymore. Hence, people can’t enjoy the better aspects of rain.

However, Mumbaikars must not forget that the only source of drinking water which they get is through the rains. Hence as much a menace, rain is also a life provider. So let us welcome monsoons instead of expressing our dislike towards it.

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