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Stop rote learning

Earlier people hated those when their children had to appear for examinations in the schools and as expected parents would worry a lot about the studies. So most of them were pleased when they were informed that exams will not be conducted till eighth standard.

Somehow the studies and class test were managed by the parents by offering school based tutors to children. Only the class teachers would conduct tuitions or private tuitions and almost every parent would try and manage to do their best by sending the child to attend these classes. It was believed that the child would outperform others and this practice had become a trend. While conducting test class teacher would provide question keys to students.

Slowly and steadily the level of education has stoop low that over the years everybody started passing the so called “exams” with grace marks. We may have the IITs & IIMs but the students are unable to cope with the sudden competition outside the schools. The copy paste generation which cannot write the answers on their own are hiring personnel’s secretly to complete their projects.

Education must be taught to the students in such a way that they should remain curious and yearn for more. Of-course tuitions are necessary but teachers need to be imparted proper training for offering a better learning experience to children. Nothing can ever be learned if students and teacher do not communicate in a better way. Discussions are very much necessary for the students or for that matter anyone who has to grow. If the students are told and taught that they would get anything they want on the internet, they will stop reading books  due to which their patience will also decrease and invariably also the concentration span.

Education cannot be just about scoring good grades but also what you understand from it, how much you adapt yourself after learning. Are you learning something new which at some point in your life enable you to see deficiency in the job sector and create employment. What can you do to go beyond the existing rat race? Parents should not force education on their children but need to inform them how important it is to study or to explore the world and do something new.

If a school curriculum includes initiatives like planting trees or saplings parents must support these initiatives and not scold teachers for ‘forcing’ students to play in the mud. New innovative ideas need to come up alongside enabling students to learn naturally. Nobody can learn if pressure is imposed on them.

There are already some schools where the students spend the whole day only learning through various equipment, books and practical’s instead of theory. Bookish knowledge is necessary but a touch of nature is also needed.

Gayatri Pawar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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