Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Stop swine flu deaths

Swine Flu deaths have given jitters to the residents of Maharashtra. Mumbai is also experiencing more Swine Flue deaths in recent times. The toll already touched has touched 20 in 2017 and it is slowly spreading in an epidemic form. It is time to take all precautionary measures and see that an epidemic doesn’t spread in the city. Several suspected cases are reported from the city and it is high time BMC work round the clock and attends them on a war footing basis. Swine Flu is a common mosquito-borne viral infection that causes a severe flu-like illness and proves lethal if not properly attended and lead to hemorrhagic fever. If the people show the symptoms and tests positive then adequate care must be taken. The symptoms are very clear and BMC should act immediately. It is time to vaccinate more people to avoid spreading of the disease and provide hygienic civic amenities to withstand the threat of swine flu.

Nickhil Mani

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