Friday, June 25, 2021
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Stop vandalisation of statues

It’s a pity that the police have failed to arrest the three bikers who have vandalized the statue of ‘Our Lady of Vailankanni’ in the early hours of the morning in suburban Kurla on February 18, 2017, inspite of their motorcycle plate numbers being captured on CCTV. This is not the first time the statue of Our Blessed Mother has been vandalized in Mumbai. In the past five years, in Mumbai alone, around 25 to 30 statues of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ or the saints have been vandalized by miscreants and the police have not arrested them because they are known to some politicians or some top leaders. Even consecrated hosts have been stolen from inside the church by breaking the tabernacle for devil worship in the middle of the night. We want justice and we demand that the culprits be arrested immediately no matter which political party they belong to.

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