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Students should make informed career decisions

As the CBSE and ICSE results are already out, there is a huge rush for students to enrol in junior colleges and select the stream of their choice. Although the results don’t always reflect the capacity and capabilities of students, there play a pivotal role in deciding a child’s future. Many students are confused at this stage as they are not sure which course to enrol for. I think each student should seek the help of career counsellors at this stage. They conduct tests which determine the aptitude, interest and ability of each candidate and thereby determine career choices for them which match all three, thus putting an end to a student’s confusion and queries.

Then comes another big hurdle which is admissions. It is needless to say that some people perform better while others do not. Then there are cut offs and course options based on cut offs and the marks obtained in a particular subject. Many people end up in a dilemma. They are divided in their opinion about whether to pursue the course of their choice in a less reputed college or whether to opt for a different course in a more reputed college. Experts advise students not to change their stream as post getting the degree, it is up to them to make a mark in the respective field. Only if they have the aptitude for and interest in the field can they scale heights in their career.

Besides, many a times young brilliant students lose out their chance of getting admission in a junior college of their choice because of reservations. Some of the seats are reserved for students attending high school from the same institute whereas other seats are reserved for students belonging to reserved categories. This practice might destroy the career of students.

Many a times students take the eleventh grade very lightly as they have just answered their board exams a year ago. However, this kind of thinking and attitude is dangerous as in the eleventh grade, there is a drastic change in syllabus. If students are not serious, they might perform poorly in the examinations. Many students are detained in the eleventh grade, especially the students who take up science.

Besides, in junior colleges, students aim to get admission in a good undergraduate college. Some of the meritorious students have plans of seeking admission abroad. For this, they need to be extra serious. Students should pay heed to all the above mentioned points and then enrol themselves in a junior college.

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