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Supreme Court ruling on privacy

Over-turning of verdicts of its earlier benches on privacy, by a larger nine-member bench of Supreme Court seems to be an after-effect of the manner Aadhar Card is being imposed in a controversial manner. There have been usual apprehensions about data of Aadhar Card likely to reach foreign powers and other doubtful agencies. It is not understood what good can be of from taking prints of fingers and eyes for issue of Aadhar Cards, when miscreants can get the document through such prints of non-genuine persons with no authority other than those engaged in issue of Aadhar Cards including totally unreliable including private ones issuing new cards sans verification even to non-Indians charging just rupees 100 or less extra for the purpose.

Country does need a reliable single identity-card to be issued to its citizens but only after proper verification like voter id card. Till such new identity-card is devised, earlier system of accepting voter id card as the identity proof of citizens should be adopted with minors using voter-cards of their parents for various needs. However all government-documents must have linkage with each other as an effective remedy against, corruption and other irregularities.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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