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Take action against corrupt cops

The recurrence of deaths on account of custodial violence can be attributed to the fact that action is rarely taken against the guilty policemen. The police force is supposed to uphold the law; instead it routinely misuses its powers. The government must give some serious though to this matter. It should consult the law commission and the National Human Rights Commission, and bring in appropriate amendments in order to curb custodial crimes and ensure that the culprits are punished. The police have lost their mental capabilities when it comes to arresting innocent citizens. Just to solve a crime, when they cannot arrest the actual culprit, they look for soft targets to frame them. Good and honest policemen also exist in our country, but I’m referring to those personnel who hide behind a police uniform. A day is not far when the public will punish the police for their wrongful actions. If a hundred people gather outside a police station for seeking justice, then just see how the tables turn.

Black sheep exists in every profession and the police are no exception. They take the law into their own hands just because they are supported by thugs and corrupt politicians. The police possess vast powers, but their duty is to maintain law and order and rendering assistance to the public, and not falsely implicating and arresting them like they did to Arun Ferreira in May 2007. Instances of attacks by the police on innocent citizens and misuse of power by them are reported in the media almost every day. I too have suffered at the hands of the police on account of no fault of mine. And when I went to the Police Commissioner’s office to lodge a complaint, they just wouldn’t entertain me or write down my complaint.

A neighbour of a friend of mine residing at Mahim was severely beaten and thrown out of the house on July 23, 2016 by her daughter-in-law. When the lady who is around 70 years old went to the police station to lodge a complaint against her daughter-in-law for harassing her, the cops there including the senior inspector would not register her complaint as she did not have the money to bribe them. They openly told her in Marathi, “Fill our pockets with whatever you have, only then we will take down your complaint.” Even the lawyer demanded a sum of Rs 50,000 from her to fight her case in court. The poor woman is now on the streets without a house as even her son is harassing her and supporting his wife inspite of the house being in the name of his mother. Yeh hai hamara desh mera jaan!. If you have the money you are entertained at the police station. If you do not, you are treated like dirt and just driven out.  I hope the Police Commissioner takes strict action against the errant cops.

Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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