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Take care on Reservation

Reservation and corruption are stumbling blocks contributing to deprivation of eligible candidates in our system. Representation of minorities should be banned and substitute monopoly of the intelligentsia. When you give a dole to someone you deprive him of his dignity, when you deprive someone of his dignity you rob someone of his destiny. Give infrastructure to live and develop rather than pickpocketing non-reserved classes.

Vote bank politics does not sustain, the example portrayed by the genuflection and decimation of an omnipotent national party into parroting by frail dispensation stammering Rafael in sleep. It is moral. Stop communistic preferences in the delivery of quota. Stop representation of minorities. Enforce monopoly of the intelligentsia. We should progress. National burdens are to be removed and it is time to rehabilitate them in some work-oriented programmes, rather than fielding them in undeserving quarters. Let us strive hard to bring up everybody with good facilities for coaching and opportunities for employment. It is also necessary to increase facilities for skill development. It is time to take care on the reservation.

The need for more reservation only enforces the point that job and economic growth has failed to provide alternate avenues of employment. This will neither increase the number of jobs in government nor address the faulty recruitment processes. With 50 per cent reservation itself the merit is compromised. Now with 60 per cent, that will be compromised more. There can be following ways to deal with this dilemma:-

1) Let the Apex Court review and reconsider its previous approach. There has to be a limit on how long a person can remain in backward class, though he may have been born one.

2) OBC quota is too big at 27 per cent. Instead of raising the reservation to 60 per cent, keep it at 50 per cent like it was and bring the OBC quota at par with other reserved categories, to around 10 per cent and give the additional approx 15 per cent so created to the upper caste poor.

3) Remove caste-based reservations altogether to make India a reservation-free country. But to all the poor, give everything like books and study material free, no fees should be charged to them. But in any case, merit should not be compromised either in admissions to colleges or universities or in jobs.

Earlier it has already been said that reservation cannot be granted on economic terms alone because it will be against the fundamental character of the reservation i.e., forwarding the suppressed castes of past. How can it be allowed now? In India 70 per cent of the population earns around 2 lakh/year, so how come 8 lakhs is economically backward? Either remove the caste reservation at all and convert it into the class reservation for all of 50 per cent or give this reservation only within already 50 per cent reserved. Both cannot be done together. Otherwise, it amounts to a negative reservation or reverse reservation which is illegal.

It is time to abolish all kind of caste-based reservations. Now, the reservation should be given only based on the lesser number of children in a family, ex-servicemen and differently enabled people. Past 71 years of vote bank politics initiated delivery of quota that aggravated communal tensions. Misinterpretation regarding social backwardness  and economic deprivation made terrible imbalances between logic and madness.

Thousand years of untouchability is fictitious and it pertains to monarchy followed by colonialism. There was no nation, no citizens. We were mere subjects of some idiotic monarch. We rather our forefathers lived in utter poverty dispossession deprivation subjugation and it all was due to monarchy and colonialism. When 10 years of privilege was purposed regarding quota for tribals, the Congress veterans misused it in all respects, extended to rich, saying social deprivation does not absolve economic development,which impacted the lives of poor of unreserved classes.

The ultimate solution for racial discrimination is to ban quota and corruption so that meritorious can access deserving platforms. Bring monopoly of intelligentsia against representation of minorities. A contrivance to equality of opportunities and breach of consumer right to choose best service goods are fallouts of misinterpretation of secularism and vote bank politics. Social backwardness can be solved when one becomes rich through monopolistic elements swear against it, they want to enjoy undeserving enrichment by accessing platforms regardless of merit.


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