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Take precautions to prevent spread of Swine Flu

Swine flu is on the rise in India. The state government must organise a series of workshops to train family doctors and paramedic staff throughout the state to prepare for such an occurrence. Private hospitals must also be asked to reserve a certain percentage of beds to admit H1N1 patients and ventilators should be supplied on priority basis to all district hospitals. Private labs should also be authorised to collect the samples and send them for testing, while physicians posted at health centres should be asked to identify swine flu symptoms in patients and provide treatment to them at the preliminary stage of infection. The government should also ensure that sufficient stocks of drugs are made available at all medical shops and hospitals. Since this disease has been spreading across the world, isn’t it time the airlines took precautions, not only for the safety of their staff and passengers but for the entire world?

Swine flu spreads due to excessive consumption of unhealthy non- vegetarian foods. It is also referred to as H1N1 flu and this is its scientific name. The symptoms of this flu are high fever accompanied by shivering, nauseating, vomiting, loose motions and loss of appetite. Meats, poultry procured from dingy shops are often contaminated. This virus enters the human body through meat (chicken, pork, beef and mutton). However it is not an ordinary flu and can result in fatality. Swine flu has spread worldwide due to lack of awareness in people.

To keep ourselves healthy and protected, we must maintain healthy eating habits. We must wear masks, abstain from consuming non-vegetarian foods, wash our hands as often as we can and avoid crowded areas. People should be made aware and informed about how to protect themselves from this disease.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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