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Take steps to enhance security of women

In India women are the main target for eve teasing, molestation, rape, acid throwing, ragging and honour killing and that is unbecoming of a country where women are most respected in a society. A new study has found that nine in 10 women have suffered some form of sexual discrimination at the work place, which is alarming and India is not an exception to this. The researchers at the Michigan University found that 10% of the women surveyed had experienced the most severe form of harassment, in which they were promised promotion or better treatment.

NGOs and Women Welfare Wings are working hard to provide security to women in this country.  Police team work round the clock to bring the culprits to books.  But women are scared of complaining and that gives the miscreants more freedom to act in an indecent manner.  Police play a pivotal role and women sufferers should not be scared to report as the matter needs to be attended on priority basis. If you dial number 100, police respond your call and the help reaches within next 10 to 15 minutes and that is normal. An app is created to make genuine complaints on offences made against women and it is time to tap this facility to avoid future embarrassment.

Indian film industry should play a punitive role in making India crime free against women. The contents of the film carry weightage and to make a film a box office hit such filthy contents are added to make the films successful.  Mostly women is the target for all the film makers and they look for good business through a short cut for achieving success.  Censor Board should act prudently and make the much needed cuts before handing over U/A certification. The society should work as one to make the dream come true and help out women to face the realities of life in the best way possible.

Women safety is of utmost importance as we face regular case of rape and molestation. Even influx of foreigners coming to India is reduced due to such untoward incidents taking place in tourists spots like Goa and Srinagar. Media should play a pivotal role in projecting such cases in a better way rather than sensationalising it.  Instead of going by perception look into each case as an unique one and bring out the truth and not through sensational journalism just as a publicity stunt. Do not generalize the case and make a sincere effort to bring out the facts and give cover to women in rape cases through proper editing.

Instead of spending time on clubs and kitty parties, mothers need to play a perfect role in inculcating sex education to children in a phased manner. Keeping a pepper spray or a soap solution may serve the cause to certain extent. Knowing the martial art to protect yourselves is yet another option.  But generally speaking, the women should wear decent clothes to avoid instant attacks on the road side. Women’s Wings are coming out in open to oppose incidents of sexual harassment. Even the victim should also come in open to raise their voice to give the much needed focus on the real subject and not to deviate on other trivial issues related to the crime. Women aspiring to become actors should be more careful as casting couch cases are increasing.

Government should enhance the security of women so that they can walk on the roads much freely. When rape incident occurs, FIR should be lodged providing all the facts to make the issue more clear. Hiding facts will not help out the cause. Women suffer for ever and it is time to pay attention to their woes.


Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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