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Take steps to augment water supply

We notice on television the sorry state of affairs as far as water supply and electric power supply is concerned. These are the burning issues which require urgent action by our own specialists in the field. Our work culture is very poor. When we read reports about the substandard work done in five garden’s improvement it only shows the lackadaisical attitude of the BMC. Few days back, a woman was killed as she was run over by an express train at Jalgaon. Not very long ago, I had requested the railway authorities to post one officer in uniform 15 minutes prior to the departure of a long distance train from platform to supervise the smooth moving of the train sans mishap.

The water supply and electric power supply cannot be augmented in a day or two as the task needs to be implemented in a sustained manner. The job must be monitored by the minister, officers, engineers in a dedicated manner. Often the water resources ministry issues a statement that they will commence the cleaning of “ Ganga” within 15 days. What about supplying water to households through taps? Have you created a dedicated group possessing intense knowledge of issues involved and technology to be employed? Who will work? Does the worker know what to do and how to do it? Do the engineers possess good knowledge about actions to be taken?

Therefore, I have been harping about creating a vast and capable work force by seeking the assistance of trainers and experts who can guide us. We should receive water in our taps for at least two hours in morning and two hours in the evening. Action must be taken at the grassroots level and we are lacking in this arena. Roads in our area are poorly maintained as the contractor hires labour at cheap rates and no supervision is undertaken. Job is assigned to the contractor and later no follow up is done.

The scenario is no different when it comes to electric power supply. We mostly depend upon state electricity boards whose engineers are not trained effectively and don’t work diligently. We have not been able to harness private sector expertise. There is minimal discussion on television about various methods to be adopted for electric power generation. What is meant by transmission and distribution? We need to instill good work culture among our youth on a priority basis. Let us have collaboration and work jointly with those who possess expertise in technology.

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