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Take steps to preserve our culture

In this era of globalization and aping the west, we seldom speak in our mother tongue. This leads to an erosion of culture and values in which our forefathers have been rooted. Our socio cultural and religious roots are on its way to degradation. There is a need for serious introspection to prevent our cultural roots from eroding.

Society has become hybrid of various socio-cultural economic norms. Foreign goods have found a market in India and are targeting potential customers. People are willingly and eagerly purchasing these goods. We now celebrate various festivities which are originally the tradition of the West. Take for example Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Mother’s Day etc. while it is good to have reverence for and adopt other cultures, we must not totally ignore ours.

Ideally, we should speak the language we are comfortable communicating in. Not knowing one’s mother tongue is no crime. The young generation might find it conservative to converse in their mother tongue. However, knowing one’s mother tongue is not bad as well. We should not shun away the legacy of our tradition so easily. What we do or follow is no doubt a personal choice. But at least we should know about our culture. Whether we like it or not depends on us.

Today we have evolved as persons. This can be realised by looking at the way of teaching in educational institutions. Gone are the days when the norm in schools was spare the rod and spoil the child. Today children are treated with respect. This trait we learnt from the West. It is good to inculcate values from different cultures which are good for our growth, healthy upbringing and personal development.

Take for example the case in Norway. An Indian couple had to live separately from their kids for not adhering to the norms of the country while raising their kids there. True, legal compulsions and societal acceptance makes us adopt behavioural patterns different from our society while residing in different countries. But all the same, it is fun to acknowledge our culture, festivals, dressing patterns etc although they do not necessarily make us more or less an Indian. This is not a parameter to judge whether we love our country or our family.

True, if anything is imposed upon, then one has the tendency to feel suffocated and rebel. Give everyone a free choice and see how they embrace their culture.

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