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Take steps to tackle malnutrition

We read reports where young women are engaged in preparing healthy and tasty snacks for kids suffering from malnutrition. During our school days we used to get “bheega chana” dispensed through buckets at the interval and very tasty powder milk. While writing, I still experience the unique taste of that milk. The NCP has supported the BJP but also has hinted that the government can’t survive for five years in Maharashtra. The party has announced issue-based support and will continue to support on the matters which are of importance to common people.

The NCP didn’t exist 50 years ago but ever since the party was formed it has been eating the “malai” without acting responsibly and shunning political morality. Even today, I will advise Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray to introspect and have alliance with the BJP to keep these opportunists at bay. NCP leader Ajit Pawar says that was unaware when the voice vote was held. Can BJP and the nation trust such persons? Instead of tackling malnutrition and health of our youth, we are more interested about Kim Kardashian’s entry into the popular reality show Bigg Boss. This is Kim’s maiden visit to India as she is likely to spend few days inside the Bigg Boss house and interact with the contestants.

The manner in which the sterilization campaign was held at Chattisgarh was unjustified. The government claimed 83 surgeries were done in five hours; it may have been closer to three hours. Government guidelines say a doctor should do no more than 10 laparoscopic tubectomies a day.

Our administration does not see anything till it assumes monstrous dimensions. Look at the self-styled godman Rampal who is guarded by thousands of persons in Haryana. Rampal, who is facing charges of murder conspiracy and inciting mobs, was asked to appear before the high court. He has failed to appear before the high court thrice. The high court last week directed Haryana Police and state authorities to arrest and bring him (Rampal) before the court.

Our bureaucrats and police sleep and politicians patronize such “Babaji’s”. If our judiciary is lethargic, police insensitive and politicians are filling their own pockets then where does the common man go? To be honest, if this Babaji offers me a small self contained accommodation and free food, even I may be tempted to go there and serve. At least some body is recognizing me. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah only recognize themselves like narcissists. General people crave for recognition and patronage therefore it is necessary to meet some who provides these.

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