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TDP decision to quit Union ministry is a hasty decision

By quitting the central cabinet, the distance between BJP and TDP will be increasing with the loss of mutual faith and once out of power nothing comes out. One should fight within the power by convincing the need of more funds. Despite last moment efforts, PM Modi and TDP part its ways and the party ministers quit the post in haste. Anyway, the special status for AP is not justified at the cost of other states. There were so many states that were bifurcated in the last decade like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh etc. No body demanded such status .They developed the existing Town as Capital. Chandrababu Naidu’s pressure tactics will not always work and he will be the loser.

BJP/NDA government has done well by not agreeing to the demands of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP boss with regard to accord of special status to the Andhra Pradesh. Ideally, decision as regards to accord of a special status to any state should be based on sound economic reasons. It is obvious that Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, thinks otherwise. He is free to quit NDA. Chandrababu Naidu’s dumping coalition partner is not new as they are doing this from the year 1983 onwards. Good to have a single party in power. Imagine the crisis it would have created if BJP were completely dependent on this coalition partner with complete constitutional and governance crisis. The entire country would have come to stand still. Coalition politics do nothing but create political compulsions and blackmailing without any policy direction.

These are self-centered people who are least interested in the country’s development and progress! After getting divided into two states, begging with the center as if they are adopted states. The hidden agenda is that both KCR and Naidu think they are now matured enough to become the PM of the country. With Modi going strong with right thinking people across the nation and internationally their dreams seem uncertain to bloom. The pointless bifurcation of AP has proven to be a huge drain on the national treasury. P Chidambaram should take the blame for this listless decision.

TDP’s withdrawal from Union Ministry is a hasty decision. What a good news for the anti-Modi group! Just like Irani Trophy in Cricket, the contest in the 2019 LS elections is Modi vs. the rest of India. The big question is that who will lead the rest of India? In cricket, BCCI decides who leads the rest of India and the other 10 players meekly submit. Will that happen with regard to this anti-Modi group? Their hatred for Modi is bringing desperate political rivals of Modi together. But who will they accept as their leader? Already KCR has thrown his hat in the ring. Mamata is always there. Mulayam is not far behind. Can you count out Mayawati? Above all, what will be the position of Rahul? Let us presume that these desperate groups come together, win the 2019 elections and form the Government. How long will it last? They do not have any alternate narrative except their hatred for Modi. The people of the country are indeed helpless, as they are caught between the devil and the deep sea with nowhere to go.

The prime motive of any state today is to achieve a larger slice of the national pie for their own state’s development and well being. They think that is achieved better by having more representation inside the central cabinet. The Andhra Pradesh ministers failed to apply their mind because whatever resources they have used as a catalyst to encourage, failed to help out the cause. We can easily look at the world and identify what will sell or bring a state to the correct level. However, creating a new capital is a total drain when done very fast and requires sufficient time to plan a new capital.

The TDP’s decision to sever ties with the BJP may not be proper and beneficial to AP. The state got a fairly good support from the centre, though it may not be to the desired level. The state may not be able to maintain the present pace of progress and that is certainly a major setback.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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