Friday, June 18, 2021
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Tech Mahindra opens new facility in France

Tech Mahindra has expanded its presence in France to serve the aerospace industry.

Tech Mahindra-AV

It inaugurated a new facility at Toulouse, headquarters of aircraft maker Airbus, and said it will be investing in people and infrastructure at the site.

“We are delighted to announce the inauguration of the new, expanded Delivery Centre in Toulouse, which marks a significant milestone for our organisation,” the company’s managing director and chief executive C P Gurnani said in a statement issued today.

He added that the investment will ensure that the Mahindra group company is well positioned to serve the partner’s core activities with its engineering and IT services.

Without naming the customer, it said the newly inaugurated facility will have a direct link to the customer’s Toulouse operations.

It will provide engineering design around aero structures, digital manufacturing solutions, aftermarket support, business IT services and consulting, it added.

The centre will have a “strategic importance” and will be providing on-the-ground services to support this growing collaboration, increasing the size of the local team, and expanding recruitment in Toulouse and Midi Pyrenees’ region.

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