Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Tejas passengers put to test

After disaster struck Tejas train catering controversy, now better check has been advocated to take care of the dishes served during the journey of this prestigious train. The superfast train between Mumbai and Goa, the Tejas express suffered a setback for its reputation as 26 passengers fell sick after breakfast and hospitalised in Chiplun. This is a bad precedence as the Railways advertise Tejas as a prestigious train and such a luxury train face health problem after eating egg made breakfast. The quality control of such eatables is not done properly and the passengers are put to test time and again. Such food poisoning episode brought bad name to the Railways and instead of passing on the blame a reality check is to be done with an utmost care on food quality. Many passengers on board of Tejas express had a bitter experience as the train was stopped in between to attended the people suffering from food poisoning. Sad part is that two of the passengers are in ICU and facing loss of life threat. It is time to have a food taster in the train catering service before the dishes being served to the passengers. Better council prevailed after the poisoning episode.

C.K Ramani

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