Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Terrace Garden best option to make use of open space

With apartments fast gobbling up open spaces meant for gardens, a number of residents in the city have taken to terrace gardening to add some green to their living space. We get hands-on training and awareness are must people start their own terrace garden and the open space come very handy to so. By planting more than 50 shrubs, herbs, flowers and vegetables on building terrace will give the open space and fresh and colourful look. The vision is very clear to make the city clean and green. Just like Swachh Bharat initiative making use of the open space is a great initiative to help out eco-friendly atmosphere in the commercial capital buzzing with activities. The main advantage is that the open space is utilised usefully and one get fresh food for the family without adulteration and you are connected to nature and you waste far less food when you grow it yourself. Add to that there is less carbon print in your surroundings. By using the waste water like water from washing of utensils you can grow good crops. By going for terrace gardening you are able come out with a solution to solve space crunch and make use of the open space in the best way possible. The model community in Mahim deserves all praise.

Jayanthy Anandambal

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