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Terror fear grips the world

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We have seen terror strike in the Indian sub-continent and it has spread across the world. Ramadan holy festival stated to be a period of peaceful prayer but terrorists are observing it the way they want– London attack, siege of Iran Parliament, Kabul blast and many more attacks throughout the world is causing concern during the holy period. No country is safe to travel as we witnessed the London attacks recently.

Whether it was intended as a provocation to India, a message to the US, or simply a self-serving global spectacle, the attack on Mumbai accomplished many things, none of them, however, being political in the sense of supporting a particular interest or pushing an agenda in any meaningful way. And it is because no such aim is clearly identifiable that the event remains the subject of speculation and rumour.

The attacks in the recent past are lethal and it is time to attack fire with fire, so that such ticklish situation due to terror attack may not recur frequently in the major cities of the world. After Washington, Paris and London now it has spread to Moscow and in the near future many more thickly populated countries will face music just like the Mumbai attack on 26/11. When Indian foreign ministry had expressed concern about terror, other countries did not take it seriously and brushed it aside as just one odd case. Now after the terror attacks in Iran, the member countries are calling for combating terror and that must become priority for the world. It is a good beginning if serious view regarding terror attacks are given utmost importance by the affected countries.

A gunman on the loose inside the Iranian parliament building had detonated his suicide vest on the fourth floor of the building. Twin terror strikes hit the capital of Tehran killing 17 people in the first terror attack in this country. Gunmen stormed parliament and two suicide bombs were detonated at the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini in the south of the city. ISIS claimed responsibility for the ongoing incidents. The mastermind of the first attack on the WTC was Ramzi Yousef, a Pakistani national. The attacks on the US embassies in Africa were masterminded by terrorists based from Pakistan. Thus Pakistan is posing danger to the World peace in the last decade or so.

For any terrorist movement to be contained, the Government’s resolve and the security forces’ firmness are a must. India’s fight against terrorism has been a long and arduous one and the Indian Armed Forces are fully geared to handle any problem that may arise in future. It is important that the state support for any form of terrorism must cease. In the present situation, terrorism calls for a thorough and comprehensive global response.
It is time to have a unilateral stand to deal with terror. World has to fight a united battle by pooling resources in order to remove this scourge from the face of the earth.

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