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Terror Target

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This could not have been possible without local help, we should go door to door search and find out the link which will eventually lead to other culprits. This was the most nefarious mayhem carried out by a terrorist in recent past and we should reciprocate with equal magnitude, they have slayed 40, we would aim for 100. The precise and calculated planning reflects on the robust network and effective implementation of the plan followed by terrorists and we should learn from them on how to pull off an attack like this. As the plethora of small roads would meet the main highway, the search should narrow down to these small roads and find the lead. Enough of mourning, those martyrs will be brought back to life but we can take more lives of terrorists to redeem our self.

This incident is quite shocking. We had lost the valuable life of 44 CRPF commandos. The 133 crore countrymen of India will not forgive. We ought to have foreseen the trouble and acted with prudence. Jammu Kashmir is the highly tight security area of our country. How can a man with 100 to 150 kg of explosives enter such a tight security area? It is quite amazing. We ought to investigate the politics behind this. We would condemn the heinous crime committed by a merciless terrorist in the strongest term. Our sympathy and condolences to all the family and friends, who have lost their loved ones! The extremely pitiable scene can’t be described.

This huge loss of lives of highly-trained Security Forces exposes the shocking lapses in basic security rules and procedures. Even 100 years before, in World War I, large movements of troops would be guarded by preventing any unauthorised personnel either in front or to the rear of the convoy. There would be no possibility of any other vehicles moving beside the convoy or overtaking the convoy or driving opposite to the convoy. Clearly, such basic security rules were flouted. It is shocking that free access to the highway from a side road was allowed when the Military convoy was passing. Clearly, our Armed Forces need to sharply and urgently tighten up their fighting fitness to protect the lives of our young Jawans.

If political leaders want this menace to be closed forever

1.South Kashmir to be incomplete Army rule.

2.No local police station required.

3.All facilities including a power supply to be restricted.

4.No movement from in and out of Area.

5.No local vendors allowed to open shops.

6.Entire ration and other essentials must be purchased from few Army opened canteens.

7.All artery road and jungles to be sanitized.

8.Sniper must be deployed and allowed to file for any protests.

9.No media, photograph or daily feedback.

10.The army is supreme and authorized to take the call.

Everywhere terror exists and terror groups are mushrooming but no united actions undertaken by either Individual country or world body except to shedding crocodile tears, if the world joins together we can combat terror in no time. We miss the will power. Why is there no facility to fly between Jammu to Srinagar? Even if the distance is short we should be flying our security forces using one of the Hercules aircraft from Jammu, which can land and take off on very short airstrips. We should create this facility in Jammu immediately.

Such large troop movements may be done by IAF choppers, not by road. India needs to hold an International Antiterrorism and Extremism Summit in New Delhi and get an agreement signed and providing for sanctions against states supporting terrorism with a robust role for the International Criminal Court. We need a more robust National Anti Terrorism Law as well. The Pulwama incident would have involved several people and there is a need for an urgent probe and catch of the masterminds. India should move International Criminal Court to get JeM and LeT honchos to be extradited to India for trials and the D company honcho as well. CRPF needs better support to enhance its capabilities and capacities.

It is too bad; India and Pakistan are wasting their billions of funds and precious military and civilian deaths on the issue of Kashmir for the last 80 years. India would like to keep control of Kashmir against their population using all means including military power. If India or Pakistan will lose Kashmir nothing will happen to their country but surely they will save billions of funds wasted on the war field. If these both nations will take a deep breath and compromise on this issue and find a workable solution which can satisfy all the three warring parties, Kashmiri Janata; India and Pakistan and Kashmir will surely thrive and Kashmir will be the heaven for all the three.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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