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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Thane’s Valmiki Udyan sold by MIDC; Mehtar Samaj warns to intensify the agitation

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valmiki nagar, valmiki udyan, midc, mehtar community, mehtar samajThe Thane Municipal Corporation developed the barren land and constructed a garden named Valmiki Udyan. Now MIDC has decided to sell the said parkland to a private company. The Valmiki community members from the Ramwadi-Ramnagar area staged a protest to stop this deal.

Ramnagar- Ramwadi, Road No. 28 area has a large population of Valmiki community. With the aim of enabling this community to carry out its programs, the corporator Dr Jitendra Wagh had built a shed at Plot No. 414. Also, a platform was constructed in the park. Thane Municipal Corporation as Valmiki Udyan named this entrance. Various events of the Valmiki community are being organized at that place.

There is also a water tank of Thane Municipal Corporation at this place.

Water is also being supplied to the people of the area through this water tank. However, the ownership of the plot has suddenly been transferred to a private company called ISMA. Hundreds of Valmiki community members led protests.

However, as the police refused permission for the march, the marchers reached the MIDC office with their demands. The demands are to reserve MIDC Plot No. 414 for the activities of the Valmiki community, Plot No. 414 i.e., the sale and purchase of Valmiki Udyan should be cancelled. The encroachment of the private ISMA on Plot No. 414 should be removed and the Valmiki community should be allowed to use said premises for their cultural and social activities.

Thane Municipal Corporation is been taking care of this land for many years and has started various activities here. The sale of this park named after Valmiki Maharaj has hurt the feelings of the Valmiki community.

Despite correspondence in this regard last week, Isma, who bought the land from MIDC, is now taking possession of the park and preventing the Valmiki community from entering the park.


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