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The fall of the Congress

The present election result predictions indicate a huge loss of seats for the Congress. It was inevitable because the party could not put up a credible face to oppose Narendra Modi. Sonia Gandhi would have appeared more credible if she had delivered speech in English or Italian with the assistance of a translator. She could have spoken from the heart instead of merely reading notes given by her party workers. Rahul Gandhi became a very soft target for an experienced leader like Narendra Modi. It is a pity that despite the presence of so many talented leaders in Congress none of them were groomed for leadership roles.

Silence of Manmohan Singh also has cost the Congress dearly. You cannot have a prime minister who constantly remains mum. He should be able to look into the eyes of the masses and interact with them directly just like Modi. If you check my earlier columns, you will notice that I had backed Modi even before he was declared the head of BJP’s election campaign committee. Since then, I have been writing consistently saying that Modi was the best candidate to lead the nation and even narrated priorities for him, cautioning him of keeping leaders like Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti away from the cabinet formation procedure. In the same manner, I have been opposing media giving coverage to AAP because they are only publicity hungry party.

Recently, Arvind Kejriwal was issuing statements on television “Modi to bahut buri tarah haar raha hai” with his typical obnoxious disposition. Do you want to be led by such irreverent persons? I persistently and in a sustained manner wrote against them and you will notice the results. AAP thought that they can fool everybody like they have done in Delhi. They considered public to be so gullible.

Have you tried to observe the manner in which Kejriwal issues irresponsible statements? “Ambani chala raha hai, Adani chala raha hai ….”. “ Are bhaiya tum kyon nahin kar rahe kutch, tum bhi to engineer ho ”. In future, please beware of such disruptive elements and I request television channels to stop giving coverage to them. The new government must enforce all round discipline. If you work, you will be rewarded but if don’t you will get nothing, this message be given to all. We have to mobilise our youth power by training them realistically and providing employment to them with the co-operation of industrialists. There is a possibility that RSS may go overboard in euphoria and they must be checked by academicians and the editors. RSS has to work on citizen development in an inclusive manner.

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