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The shortage of Drivers may lead to price rise in essential commodities

truck, essential commodities, essential services, truck drivers, lockdown effect, coronavirus, transportAmid of COVID-19 and continues lockdown, many drivers form Mumbai migrated to their places, and those who are placed various transit camps refuse to resume on duty, due to fear of their life. Right now, there is shortage in carpenters, auto taxi drivers and also the watchman at under construction buildings. Many self-employed small-time shop owners are forced live within four walls, and here come the challenges. There has been a shortage of truck drivers too in Mumbai, whatever work force is available needs to be hired on higher perks. While permitted trucks are allowed to work freely across Maharashtra with proper documentation and guidelines on safety. Some drivers are facing problems due to non-availability of documents and instability. The drivers are hesitating to resume duties. All India Transporters Welfare Association has already urged truck drivers to resume to work so they can earn their living again. Transporters fear that the population of truck drivers could reduce drastically once the nation-wide lockdown is lifted because many are eager to return to their home town. A majority of these truck drivers were on highways when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown on March 22.

Bal Malkit Singh, President – AIMTC and Advisor Shivsena Avjad Vahtuk Sena told Afternoon Voice, “There is a ‘shortage’ of truck drivers. “Whoever is available, has to be paid more to work the trucks running. We are trying to get the drivers back to work but this is again challenging task because these drivers need certain assurances”. We requested the government for Rs 50 lakh insurance for every truck driver who was risking his life and was a frontline worker to deliver the essentials. But this has not been announced”.

Abhishek Gupta of Bombay Goods Transport Association said, “It’s been 15 days some drivers have already gone back to their villages and others are stuck on highways, waiting for the lockdown to be lifted so they can go back home, the transporters have appealed to truck drives to continue work so that the supply of essential goods remains unaffected.”

The All India Motor Transport Congress, which represents nearly 90 lakh truck owners, had earlier written to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to say that essential services should also be provided to these truckers – who could neither reach their place of residence or native place due to the lockdown that was imposed on March 24.

Subsequent rise in the coronavirus cases and the countrywide lockdown, has affected the demand for all staples and necessities that has hit the supply chain obstacle and manufacturers of various goods are struggling to keep leap.

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