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The twelve days of Christmas

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The birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem 2018 years ago ushered in an era of salvation. Only when every individual experience this salvation, Christmas becomes a meaningful celebration. The love of God manifested in the coming of the Messiah is to make sure that no one is abandoned to the curse of death. The two important figures in the manger, Mary and Joseph, reveal to us the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas will be a celebration for us only when we are able to look back into our past and take count of every bit of pain that we endure as an investment for the sake of Jesus Christ. It is in such moments of hardship that our commitment to Christ manifests the power of love. As Mother Mary spread the pieces of cloth she managed to save up in order to wrap her baby in comfort, so shall we weave together our experiences of brokenness and offer it for Christ Jesus to be born into our lives. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this month, let us not forget to show mercy to the poor and the abandoned, the helpless and the orphans. Let us celebrate Christmas fully within our financial limits, and at the same time, we must remember to give thanks to God for the goodness and mercy He has shown in our lives. And at the end of the year, we must spend some time in prayer for the New Year’s blessings and for God’s guidance. The New Year will then be a blessing for us.

December 25 is not the actual birth date of Jesus Christ. The date was selected as the day of Christmas because it was around the time of various Pagan festivals, such as the Roman Saturnalia.

Most people know that Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ, but it also means much more. It means having fun with your family and friends, spending time with them, seeing all the decorative Christmas items, decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols, spending time in prayer and eating all the delicious food and homemade sweets.

Among the various celebrations connected with Christmas, the sending of Christmas cards to friends and relatives has become a ritual.

Another feature of the festival is the installing of Christmas trees. Little fir trees or replicas of them are decorated and gifts are placed on them. Little children believe that the gifts placed on the Christmas trees have been placed by Santa.

Christmas is a celebration of love, peace, and joy. But however, this season of spiritual happiness has over the years been overtaken by superficial celebration, be it with fancy greeting cards, decorations, gifts, decking up, feasting, in a phrase an occasion for the rich and fashionable.

Christmas is celebrated for twelve days — from December 25 till January 6 and there is a song based on the twelve days of Christmas which is sung during the Christmas season by both the children and the adults.


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