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Thursday, October 5, 2023
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Think and do vote for a change

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think and vote for changeLife is a process. Whenever a woman or a mother conceives a child or is pregnant, then small cells join each other and turn into a piece of mass. In the time duration of about 40 to 50 days, the process of life (entry of the soul) begins in this small piece of mass and then it starts changing into a child gradually.

For 80-90 days, the soul sees and observes that if that piece of mass and the womb suits the soul. If the piece of mass and the womb suits the soul completely then it enters into it and if they don’t suit the soul then the child is born dead.

In this process of transforming two cells into a child, the mother has to undergo nine months of hard work, millions of pain and difficulties, and she embraces all these hardships smiling just for the sake of her child’s love and life. However, the process of being born of the child and mother’s childbearing is the most struggling in all these months.

If the child’s courage while being born or the mother’s giving birth to the child doesn’t break then both the mother and child will have a new life as well as a new world. But if any of them during this process loses hope or leave each other’s hand then both of them will have to face nothing but death.

Nine months of mother’s sheer compassion, pain, and love of raising the baby in her womb and the development of cells to an entire child will all become useless. All the dreams of the mother, all her problems, sufferings and the nine months’ time that was going to be a better, beautiful and like a festival of her life will turn into the worst, painful and fearful moment of her life and ultimately the mother turns into a living dead body as she can’t bear her child to born dead.

I hope that we can’t see anyone’s mother in this condition, then how can we see our own mother in these dire circumstances.

Right now our country has the same condition; we are now going through a process of birth. The pain will be great but we will have to be patient, will have to trust each other and must constantly keep fighting. If anyone loses the courage, hope or leach each other’s hand in the middle of this process, we would not get anything other than death, and I am sure that we all know and understand what death.

You can understand the essence of this story by replacing “country with mother” and “about to born child as yourself” and the “pain with this ruling government” in your mind.

Think and do vote for a change.

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