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Tom Hanks jokes about working with ‘high maintenance’ Meryl Streep

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks isn’t afraid to poke fun at his co-star Meryl Streep.

While appearing on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, the 61-year-old actor jokingly said that his ‘The Post’ co-star was “high maintenance,” reports People Magazine.

After host Stephen Colbert explained to Hanks that many people trust him, including his co-star (Streep), Hanks playfully rolled his eyes and said, “You mean, can I just say, high-maintenance Meryl Streep?”

Wanting more, Colbert asked, “Oh really? Diva?”

To which Hanks jokingly replied, “Look, the shoes alone, man. No, I am so joking.”

But turns out, the Oscar-winning actress doesn’t get any special treatment.

The ‘Bridge of Spies’ star noted, “You know what’s scary about Meryl? She comes in and does it just like everybody else does. You’re expecting French horns before she enters the stage.”

Putting on a voice, he continued, “You expect a guy in livery to come out, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the actress known as Meryl Streep.’ And she comes in and waves to the crew the way the royals used to.”

The film tells the story of Ben Bradlee (Hanks) and Katharine Graham (Streep), and Graham’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971, at the risk of losing her family-owned newspaper.

‘The Post’ hits US theatres on December 22.

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