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‘Transformed’ Chambal dacoits join fight against deforestation

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Turning over a new leaf, former Chambal dacoits have come ahead in full support in the fight against deforestation and contribute in efforts towards saving the environment.

On the eve of International Day of Forests on Sunday, more than 25 former dacoits of Chambal region were seen gathering on a common floor in Jaipur to join hands, neither to fight against any system nor any individual, but to fight against de-forestation and pollution.

This first of its kind event was organised with a motive to aware people about the environment and forestation.

These former dacoits, who are on a new mission, said that during their stay in jungles, there were very limited activities of deforestation as they all used to protect the jungles, as it was a safer habitat for hiding themselves.

However since they are no more living in the forest, all these former dacoits have come together to safe the trees which are very important for environment.

The dacoits took this pledge to save the environment during a program organised by a NGO named Kalpatru where the slogan of the event was ‘Pehle Basaya Bihad and Ab Bachayege Bihad’. They are now on a new mission named ‘Save Forests for better Rains’.

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