Home World Trudeau supports US, Canada, Mexico in NAFTA deal

Trudeau supports US, Canada, Mexico in NAFTA deal

Trudeau supports US, Canada, Mexico in NAFTA deal

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the United States, Canada and Mexico for handling the National Alliance Free Trade Agreement in a significant manner.

While addressing a press conference held at the Quebec City in Canada on Tuesday, Trudeau said that countries are moving in a significant manner with respect to NAFTA and pinned high hopes from the on-going discussions.

As per the media reports, Mexican officials said that an announcement related to NAFTA is expected to be made at an upcoming regional summit at Peru in May.

The final decision shall be taken prior to the scheduled presidential elections in Mexico on July 1.

Earlier on Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to hail the actions undertaken by the US administration to block the movement of the illegal immigrants.

“The Caravan is largely broken up thanks to the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border. Because of the Trump Administrations actions, Border crossings are at a still UNACCEPTABLE 46 year low. Stop drugs!”, Trump tweeted.

Earlier in May, President Donald Trump said that if the revised NAFTA deal gets signed, he shall drop the newly-imposed 25 percent tariffs on the aluminum and steel products.

NAFTA is an agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, creating a trilateral trade bloc in North America, which came into force on January 1, 1994.

The revised NAFTA deal is set to impact the intellectual property of the US and the trade exports between US and Mexico among other trade policies.