Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Trump a nationalist leader

It is good to hear about Donald Trump speaking about the interest of United States of America first. USA suffered a lot of loss due to the presidency of Barack Obama and George Bush. They needlessly, wrongly and even half-heartedly ventured into conflicts which were totally avoidable. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan all have been costly misadventures. The time and money could have been spent in developing USA.

Trump will avoid such mistakes and concentrate on making US and Israel strong and will play constructive role in world affairs. He has chosen the cabinet with capable CEOs. The same was expected in India from Prime Minister Narendra Modi but he chose such persons who won’t oppose his polices and will never be a threat to him, forget national interest. Even now, Modi should enrich his cabinet by including some capable professionals but he will never do it.

I appreciate Trump who termed UN as a costly body and largely ineffective. Their expenditure, the salaries are very high and contribution to overall wellbeing, across the world is not at all commensurate. He is right that Americans must first get the jobs and they should use locally produced goods but here in India we find expensive pen, shoes and bags etc. They are hardworking and gallant persons and I see no reason why USA can’t become great and strong again, largely by concentrating on national and self-interest

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