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Two men were found dead after drowning in the canal

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In the state of Uttar Pradesh in Balrampur at a village two men from a village drowned on Monday while bathing in the canal. The villagers who usually visit the canal for bathing went to have a bath today but they were drowned in the Saryu canal this was been said by the state police.

As per the report, this incident was reported at Judikuiya village and the Saryu canal also passes from the same where this incident was reported.

In the report mentioned in PTI according to police “ Five men had gone to bathe in the Saryu canal and struggled to stay afloat when they went too deep”. After this incident police said, “ The locals who rushed to help them when they heard their shouts they could rescue only 3 of them”.

In a report as per the local people, they could only rescue 3 people and the other 2 were found dead the deceased were identified as Sonu at the age of 24 and Faizan whose age was 28.

The case was been handled by Panchpedwa Police Station and the SHO Alok Rai of the same police station as quoted in the PTI report “ The bodies of both men were recovered and handed over to their family members after legal formalities.

After this incident, the former minister and local MLA S P Yadav met the relatives of the deceased and demanded 10 lakh rupees from the government to be given to the deceased family members.

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