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Unfair to point finger at media

Arvind Kejriwal says that he will send “channelwallahs” to lock up is quite understandable. Kejriwal wants channels to give him the same importance as they were showering on him last year and he always wants to be praised and projected as unique. As soon as media started criticizing his double standards and wrong methods of propagating himself like a child, who always craves for attention, AAP started addressing them as corrupt. Kejriwal threatened to send media persons to jail for promoting BJP leader Narendra Modi. In this episode, the TV channels are themselves to be blamed. I saw Barkha Dutt interviewing Kejriwal and her facial expressions suggested as if she is experiencing an orgasm.

On Friday evening, I listened to the comments of one Prem Chandra Misra aired on a television channel. I appreciate his straightforwardness and right analysis. Time and again, I have said that TV channels must educate the masses people residing in semi-rural and rural areas watch it and they are not as educated in comparison to their urban counterparts. The Indian print media has transformed itself as papers in English, Hindi and other regional languages are available for Rs one and two. Even the UK doesn’t offer such a good content at minimal rates. We must appreciate the role of media.

Drawbacks are prevalent in every system all reporters and anchors may not be fully honest and possess equal integrity but to call media bad, partisan and corrupt is wrong and unacceptable. Therefore too much importance should not be given to AAP and split votes. It would be better to make Narendra Modi the prime minister as he possesses good experience of governing Gujarat. He is aware that work has to be done. Modi also knows that the industrialists and the industry needs to be encouraged and provided sops and tax-breaks. If you ask the industrialist Mukesh Ambani to build and operate the plants without meeting the minister and the secretaries, then you are living in fool’s paradise. The role of the media comes into force here. Have the Minister and officers taken Iumpsum money (favours) or are they promoting only a few and suppressing the others?

There is a need for simplifying the process of sanctioning approvals which will pave way for job creation and enable businessmen to carry their business without any fear. The ruling government must also work for the welfare of farmers (not pampered by freebies). If farmers have incurred heavy losses due to crop failure or some natural calamities beyond their control adequate compensation must be offered to them under direct supervision of the minister. The party has no other agenda to offer besides providing free water supply and reducing power tariff. However, the question which arises is how many people will benefit out of it?

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