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Unworthy contestants

Rahul Gandhi is contesting election from Amethi because his family members have been contesting from there and they have performed some work. The results will be visible to those persons who have visited this area in person for many years. Kumar Biswas is contesting from Amethi to give a tough fight to Rahul Gandhi because he thinks that he is smarter than the latter. While Smriti Irani too is contesting election from the same place as she feels that she is savvier than him. They forget that villagers have some loyalty.

Arvind Kejriwal is contesting election from Varanasi against Narendra Modi. Who is Kejriwal and who is Modi? Did he ever think about this? Kejriwal was smart in using Anna Hazare’s name for coming into lime light on public dissatisfaction as a result of rising corruption and price rise. That is the sole credit he can take on account of the immaturity of television channels ( bhaiya, kis ko uchal rahe ho, kya yehi ache hain aur baaki log bekar aur beiman hain). The TV channels must have foolishly realized last year that Kejriwal is another Gandhiji.

People of Varanasi are educated and possess robust commonsense. They will vote for such a candidate who has potential of becoming PM. It is agonizing to see Kejriwal who is physically unfit at this age as compared to Narendra Bhai. He should feel ashamed of challenging Modi who has been CM of a state like Gujarat for three consecutive terms as against his tenure of 49 days in Delhi.

When will our TV channels notice this and stop providing unwanted publicity to such leaders? The path for Modi is not easy. He must build up better equation with state governments because without their co-operation, many good schemes will not be implemented. This is a major reason why the government failed to control the rise of Maoists. Leaders like Manohar Parrikar, Raman Singh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Vasundhara Raje must be taken on board. The state governments found rebellious, must be overthrown and Presidents rule must be imposed. In the meanwhile, strong governors should be posted in such states for good administration in the intervening period.

Modi must conduct three monthly meetings of the Chief Secretaries and the Secretaries of various ministries and co-ordinate well so that there is no need of cribbing after retirement. Remember, the British ruled India effectively through ICS. Today, we are neither selecting IAS officers properly and nor holding them accountable for anything.

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