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Very expensive elections

When we look around we find too much money is being spent on elections. This is not good for a country like ours with so much poverty. Agreed that some money needs to be spent on campaigning but not this much. This is happening because our leaders have lost all moral authority and the citizens have no confidence in them.

The Congress has destroyed the political culture by remaining aloof ( cold and distant) from the masses. Even BJP did the same when they were in power for some years. Forget the ministers, even the civil servants played high and mighty and considered it below their dignity to interact with the masses. A minister cannot be everywhere but he must see to it that the officers do their job and conduct regular tours in their areas. Everybody talks of reducing election expenses but we always witness the opposite. Why should only the EC keep track of election expense, why not the local administration? We are solely dependent on the Supreme Court for setting things right. What about the other institutions? That is what is ailing our society.

When Narendra Modi takes charge, he must bring about administrative reforms in a calibrated but determined manner. During British regime ( as our elders told us) , the officers of the ICS cadre regularly undertook tours and that is why you find a lot of good old “ Dak bungalows”. They were the officers who ran the government. Will our officers now, take a tour to find out the extent of damage that occurred due to a recent hailstorm and efforts being put in towards rehabilitation? No, they will not go there.

The present day scenario is such that the officers are pre-occupied in bidding the self seeking ministers ( for mutual gain) and then write a book for further commercial gain after enjoying all goodies. This is unfortunate. These book writers should also be hauled up for dereliction of duty. During their service, they will write nothing on the files but after leaving office, they will write profusely. That is intellectual dishonesty. All district magistrates should be made to write a synopsis on work done and work planned; even departmental heads should do that. Then there will be no need to write later.

Why should Sonia Gandhi and Modi address such whirlwind rallies in such heat, putting needless extra burden on policemen? You have put up your candidates ( which the public will know) and given your manifesto , now engage in day to day normal work and let the people vote. Why so much “ hulla-gulla” and using foul language against one another ?

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