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Violation of fire safety norms

The fire which erupted at Lotus Business Park, Andheri (W) was very unfortunate. This incident only goes to show the lackadaisical attitude of the manager of the structure in maintaining the fire-fighting system. They do not check anything leaving matters to peons or “ hamals”. I do not think any senior official visited the building at least once in a month to examine the small pantry to check the condition of wiring and whether the circuits are being overloaded or not. For example, a malfunctioning automatic electric kettle for boiling water can cause fire. At least two young men from every floor should undergo training in fire-fighting to avert such kind of calamities.

I was watching Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte reading out a report with zero sensitivity/concern showing on his face, as if a robot was reading something. These officials enjoy the perks of office and fail to perform their job. The BMC neither inspects the roads, nor the buildings. They should be held accountable for laxity. Firemen perform good job with available resources but they should conduct more drills involving local youth. Unless you conduct regular drills by donning BA sets, you cannot move around comfortably when fire breaks out. We must prevent the spreading of fire and smoke (very disorienting and unnerving) by keeping the ducts closed and this can easily be checked by officers occupying the floors.

You blame Mumbai 26/11plotter David Headley for doing the reccee but you don’t do anything yourself. What is the business plan of this company and is it functioning properly? Are they engaged in any anti-national activity? The Department of company affairs and the district administration must check this on a regular basis but the government officers do not move out of their offices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had showed some inclination in bringing discipline among cabinet members but it appears to be short-lived.

Only firefighters can’t perform every task. Even the common man should undergo training in different disaster management schemes. Employees should watch a safety movie pertaining to fire prevention at least once in three months and offices must make provision for it. All BMC employees and corporators must undergo medical checkup once in every two years. There is immense shortage of electricians and plumbers and training must be imparted to youth in this vocation with the assistance of foreign trainers. I have laid emphasis on this many times but no action has been taken yet.

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