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Violence against doctors is a heinous crime

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As I see it!

Harakiri is not a new word. The great Kalidas is infamous for cutting the same branch of the tree on which he was sitting.

The society has not learnt its lessons, cutting the same lifeline on which its life is dependent. Ironical as it may seem, it is not astonishing! If as a society we had the wisdom, we would not have had a “Nirbhaya” every day in some corner of our house. We wouldn’t have been tolerating the corrupt system without a protest, accepting it as a norm of life; we wouldn’t be aspiring for civil services because it could fetch huge dowry and a lifetime of free corrupt money. We wouldn’t have voted for corrupt politicians and by now risen above the caste and religious line, to become only Indians!

Well, Mamata Banerjee is on back foot now. However, I guess, being what rubbish she is known for, she will retaliate at some later date. It’s not easy to be magnanimous and swallow your ego! A street fighter is never!

Today the politicians will yield, but tomorrow the same will be repeated. It’s difficult for the generally noble doctors (read any intellectual) to regroup again and again. So, it is important that this time when the movement is pan India, it should be with both long and short term objectives. We may not be in a similar advantageous situation as we are. The injury of our brothers in Kolkata will go down the drain and the public will have to suffer again and again. Let us pressurise the govt to the maximum.

This is the first time when the doctors have refused closed door meeting. Kudos my young brothers and sisters! You deserve applause!

Now it is all transparent. Cheers!

The politicians cannot coerce or lure the representatives and it has happened in so many previous strikes that suddenly the strikes were called off after a closed door meeting.

I think…

  1. Violence against the doctors or any healthcare personnel should be considered a heinous crime and a central Law should be formulated. Additionally, Government should provide police forces/CRPF Forces to protect the doctors and also run TV and media campaigns to inform the public.
  2. I think we should also somehow make use of this opportunity to remove Medical fraternity from consumer forum. No other professional comes under this preview, then why only a doctor. If anyone has any issue, he or she can use the existing laws to address their problems.

When the government treats the patient as a Consumer and Doctor as a service provider, where is the Bond of purity between the patient and the doctor? It is the root cause of all the problems and rising cost of health care. This must end! Sanctity must be restored.

Every single doctor treats about 10 patients free every month. It all goes down the drain because some Idiot files a case in consumer forum!

Also, we waste about Rs 20,000 or more amount (on an average) per year of our savings to protect ourselves due to this nonsense act.

  1. This system of registration renewal: Again, why only for doctors! Is it not discriminatory?

And we have to pay from our own pocket to attend the CMEs. If the Medical council wants us to renew every five years, isn’t it their duties to provide FREE CMEs which are relevant to every speciality!

Dear friends, it is just that we have been taken for granted. If we have risen today, better not to succumb but fight tooth and nail. Because time is a treacherous commodity! It may not be on your side always!

The General public is sympathetic and understands our plight. However, we can’t strike again and again! Not ethical.

(The author of the article is a renowned Plastic Surgeon practising in Mumbai.)

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Dr Anshuman Manaswi
Dr Anshuman Manaswihttp://anshumanmanaswi.com/
Dr. Anshuman Manaswi is a board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon having more than 15 years of surgical experience, he has graduated from the prestigious medical school, JIPMER, Pondicherry, India and has post graduation in Plastic and cosmetic surgery from Mumbai University, India.
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