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Vishnudham temple performs ‘yagna’ for Trump’s win in Kandivali

With just a day left for the US presidential election, some rituals seeking divine blessings for the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump were performed in a temple at the behest of some NRIs.

“We performed two yagnas for the victory of Trump. The rituals were performed at the behest of NRIs in the US,” Vishnudham temple trustee Ramesh Joshi said.

The temple, located in north Mumbai suburb Kandivali, conducted the three-hour-long rituals, Joshi said.

“Some NRIs in the US are regular visitors to the temple when they visit India. They asked us to perform the yagnas.

Accordingly, two yagnas were performed. The Vijay Prapti Yagna was to ensure victory for Trump and the Shasan Prapti Yagna was to help him govern the US,” Joshi said.

“The NRIs told me that Trump has assured the Indian diaspora in the US that he will work for eliminating the terror menace in India, if elected,” Joshi said.

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