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Who wants to kill Togadia?

Vishva Hindu Parishad’s International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia has alleged that a political conspiracy is being hatched to kill him. The allegations have been made at time when the BJP government is in power and Togadia’s outfit VHP is closely associated with it. How can Togadia claim that there is a threat to his life when he is enjoying Z security? Who wants to get rid of him?  Togadia had alleged that he was not permitted to speak on issues like Ram Temple, farmers and cow slaughter and some people were attempting to stifle his voice. The VHP leader added that he went into hiding as he was worried that police might kill him in an encounter. Hindu organisations have condemned the allegations made by Togadia against Gujarat, Rajasthan and central government. According to them, BJP has gained power with the support of Hindutva outfits and the party can’t sideline them now. They added that there is a possibility of Togadia being victimised due to his strained relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier Togadia had opposed the elevation of Modi for PM’s post.

When AV spoke to Swami Dharmgyananand Saraswati (Gyan Swami), Official Spokesperson of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, he said that the harassment of Pravin Togadia is an assault on Hinduism and its followers; he also indicated that secular forces are responsible for it. He said, “I am not sure why the BJP would want to encounter Togadia. First we will have to ascertain whether he has any personal or political rivalry with BJP. An attempt is being made to tarnish Hindutva.”

“Since Togadia is a VHP activist which is associated with BJP so I don’t know why he is making allegations against them. If I receive a call from VHP to protest against the harassment meted against Togadia then I would wholeheartedly join them. If BJP turns against Hindutva outfits then what ideology will they follow? Accepting Muslims in India after 1947 partition is our helplessness. Our country is ‘Hindustan’ and we don’t accept the ‘secularism of India’,” he added.

Togadia claimed that since he had raised his voice in support of the Hindu community hence attempts were being made to silence him.

Vratadhar Ramanuj Jeeyar Swami Tridandiji, president of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha said Togadia is feeling victimised as Modi disapproves of his activities. He said, “Pravin Togadia is an active leader of BJP even before Modi. If BJP is behind this harassment then our organisation condemns it. There might be some political conspiracy behind this.”

Togadia had warned Sangh that the outfit was committing a major blunder by promoting Modi as he will eventually turn against them. RSS nonetheless supported Modi’s elevation and also asked him to abide by their decision.

Vishwanath Kulkarni, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) activist said, “If Togadia has accused BJP of encountering him then it is really unfortunate and unjustified. If the allegation made by Togadia against Rajasthan, Gujarat and central government is true then these governments must issue a clarification.”

“Togadia has served the Hindu outfits for a long period of time and we all support him even today. The government is now accountable to answer all the accusations made against them by Togadia. We are waiting for the truth to be unveiled,” he added.

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