Monday, September 20, 2021
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Well educated Governors should be appointed

Governors should be appointed based on their professional experience such as Doctors, Engineers, Police officers, Civil servants, teachers etc. but BJP has lowered the dignity of this high office by appointing people for political rehabilitation. Modiji’s pious and hilarious lectures have no credibility if he appoints person like Shri Vajubhai as the Governor at this age. The country has seen what he did and many people are asking for his resignation.

BJP is following path of “adharma “.

Modiji has invited wrath of Sitaji because he went to her in a pompous manner. He should have followed the sensitive and sensible approach of Hanumanji as enunciated in Ramayana.

Coming back to Governors, why Kalyan Singh should be posted as the Governor when his son is already in active politics?

It is painful to see our Rashtrapatiji keeping silent on such an important issue.

Our judiciary must be applauded for their fairness and fearlessness. Karnataka result is due to their intervention.

If anyone in the country is not following the path of righteousness, BJP and its president and is encouraging corruption in such a blatant manner, the central government must drop some Governors and replace them with well respected professionals from various fields and that includes performing arts sports. Besides, the Governors should be assigned some functions such as overseeing basic education and health services and adequate supply of potable water.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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