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What if Desert is covered with Solar Plants? — Part II

Solar energy products are a unique innovation and its use should be fully taken advantage of. Even Nationalised Banks are financing for such schemes including that of installation of solar panels at a concessional rate of interest.  By making use of solar energy, we can save Power generated by the regular methods. So, it is time for the government to offer a tax rebate to the individuals and offices preferring to us solar energy in their daily consumption of electricity. Though the progress in making use of the alternate energy is slow, it is a great relief for the government and they must sponsor such group loans and provide a subsidy to attract more users of solar energy. As a matter of fact, the power generated by the solar panels provides hot water in our washrooms and help to reduce power tariff very much. Common lights used in housing complexes, corridor and parking lots can be managed by Solar Power.

Saving Electricity should be our first aim and it is up to the government to chalk out a policy by which more and more Tax Rebate should be extended so that more and more people go for the option. The necessary expertise should be provided to install Solar Panels in Terrace and even in balconies of the building.  Powers shortage is posing a big problem in Maharashtra in general and the country in particular. Erratic power cuts cause innumerable problems to people in metro cities. People go in for generators and inverters to solve this perennial problem. With so many reservoirs at our disposal, we can solve the problem without much fuss.

The windmill can also solve the power problem partially. However, the best remedy is using Solar Power for domestic usage. The solar water heater is a device that can heat the water up to a temperature of 80-degree centigrade. The system consists of a flat plate collector, a Water Tank, pipes, and fittings. The solar water heater can be used both for commercial as well as domestic purposes. You can harvest abundant solar energy through Solar Water Heating system, which can reduce your electricity as well as gas bills. Solar water heater usage should be given more publicity and the necessary feedback to be passed to the individuals through advertisement and Television coverage. It is a right step in the right direction go in for Solar energy products and use in the best way possible.

The latest conceptual thinking world over in the generation and conservation of power is solar energy. It is being propagated world over by many of the developed countries as an eco-friendly concept. The pioneering efforts of the developed countries like Germany have proved to the world that solar energy is certainly a feasible, economical, and successful concept. Why can’t India too follow this concept to save the planet from the adverse effects of global radiation? It is high time that we all should apply our minds in this direction. All the governments, quasi-Governments, Social Organisations, United Nations etc. should take initiative to follow the Nations like Germany and save the planet from radiation as also improve power generation for a sustained growth in productivity and economy.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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