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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Who helped Param Bir Singh to flee from India?

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The police sources told Afternoon Voice under the condition of anonymity, that the former Mumbai CP Param Bir Singh is hiding under political patronage. Maharashtra police are competent and must be even aware of Singh’s whereabouts but it’s the political plot that he has been shown absconding or missing.

Time and again the summons were issued to him in August by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), but Param Bir Singh has gone untraceable. According to NIA sources, Singh was summoned again sometime in August, but he did not respond. The officers also visited his residence in Chandigarh and Rohtak in Haryana but could not find him.

Both the NIA and the state government suspect that he has fled the country fearing an arrest in various cases. But the question here is, with whose help he could leave India? The agency is not ruling out the possibility that Singh may have fled.

The NIA officer said, “The summons has been issued to him and there is no response. We are still investigating the case but we are not in a position to rule out anything. We have the link of his possible involvement based on the details received from Apple and some other details are awaited. As far as his location is concerned, we are not sure, but there is a possibility that he has left the country.”

NIA had summoned Singh in connection with the Antilia explosives scare and the Mansukh Hiran murder cases. Waze had been directly reporting to Singh at the time when the cases took place. The NIA’s charge sheet, filed recently, has details of circumstantial evidence and statements of witnesses that point to Singh and his possible involvement in the conspiracies. Singh’s statement as a witness was first recorded by the NIA in April to get clarity related to sacked cop Sachin Vaze.

The agency got more suspicious about his involvement in the third week of August after an intelligence officer, who was associated with Singh since 2006, gave the details of his FaceTime ID—Kurkure Balaji. In a response to the agency, the smartphone giant Apple had confirmed that an ID with the same username was used to communicate with the killers of Hiran.


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