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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
HomeTop NewsWho wanted Gogi the ‘muscleman’ for the DU elections to be killed?

Who wanted Gogi the ‘muscleman’ for the DU elections to be killed?

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gogi maan, gogi gangster, maan, tillu, rohini court, shootout, delhi shootoutDelhi University has seen many elections under political patronage and in the shadow of their kingpins. Indian universities have a long history of students becoming criminals and working for political powerhouses.

Gangster Jitender Gogi was a right-wing supporter; there were two different gangs in Delhi University. Who entered student politics and became rivals.

Gogi’s attacks got sharper with time, driven by revenge and thirst for extortion. “He saw himself as the new warlord of Alipur-Tajpur area. With manpower, Gogi rose to be one of Delhi’s most dreaded gangsters running extortion rackets in Delhi and Haryana,” said Delhi police.

In 2017, Gogi and his team gunned down Haryana folk singer Harshita Dahiya after he became associates with her brother-in-law while lodged in Tihar jail. In December that year, Gogi and his associates killed an MCD schoolteacher, Deepak, outside Swaroop Nagar School.

In 2018, he killed Ravi Bhardwaj, an associate of Sunil Tajpuria alias Tillu, in the Pitampura area of Delhi. According to police sources, Tillu had once vowed to kill Gogi during a court hearing.

“After Fajja’s death, Gogi was weakened; most of his close aides are in jail. Meanwhile, Tillu formed associations with other gangsters like Naveen Bali, Neeraj Bawana, and Sunil Rathi, and hatched a plan to kill him,” the officer said.

Tillu’s associate Sunil Mann was produced in the same courtroom — 207 — nearly 40 minutes before Gogi was brought in.

Delhi University alumni told Afternoon Voice, “Gogi and Tillu both were right-wing supporters, they both wanted power and position, political leaders used them for their election motives. Many politicians were closely associated with them.”

A former student of Delhi University, Sudha Gandhi told Afternoon Voice, “These two gangsters Tilu and Gogi were very bright students. They were very active and have all leadership qualities that is the reason they were assigned to control college elections. From there, things took a horrible twist.”

Jitender has also known as Gogi Dada. Moreover, he wanted to have become Sub Inspector in the police, but he could not pursue his dream. Apart from that, he has his gang members have been involved in extortion, robbery, and kidnapping.

The area from Gogi gang operated was Burari, Pitampura, Rohini, Mukerji Nagar and Rithala. He became one of the deadliest criminals in Delhi. On his killing student, unions and politicians maintained silence and refused to comment.


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