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Why is Advani keen to contest election?

If you have noticed, the sparrows descending playfully in the courtyards some ten years ago, they looked happier but today they look harassed and distraught (their beaks wide open). These birds may pick up some food from here and there but continue to remain thirsty because they don’t find water to drink in the vicinity. It is our duty to hang some pots at convenient places which will enable them to drink water. Recently, I installed a plastic tray on a tree at my home in native place so that birds can drink water and quench their thirst. “Chalat Musafir Moh Liyo re Pinjare Wali Munia”, is a beautiful song from Teesri Kasam.

However, even the sparrows are harassed and agitated at the news that Lal Krishna Advani is sulking again. The quintessential “Mere Angne Main Fir Aaja Re” bird seemed to ask, why is Advani contesting an election and not caring for us at this ripe age?

It is disgusting to notice that Lal Krishna Advani still wants to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha election even though he has past his prime. If you want Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of India, why are you keen to contest election to become “ PM by chance” or the Home Minister under his leadership to receive an opportunity once again and say, “I was not consulted while making important decisions pertaining to the party.”

There have been reports in media about the differences between Modi and Advani. It would be better if Advani makes way for grooming young leaders in the party. We have a party with a difference, the RSS and the “Sant samaj”. However, nobody possesses courage to inform him to refrain from contesting election and remain as a mentor to work for the party’s development and sacrifice the post.

Persons like LK Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti, Murli Manohar Joshi will try to sabotage the chances of Narendra Modi to become prime minister if the numbers fall short. Modi must be remain watchful and carefully cultivate faith with “Madanpura” ( sari vyaparis) Muslims of Varanasi to firmly take them on board. He should not allow tactful persons like Kejriwal to fish in troubled waters who is trying to become a messiah for the community. Muslims are wise and they must understand that certain aspects must be left behind ( not misguided by others) to march ahead on path of progress and prosperity, both, for themselves and the country.

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