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Why is Children’s Day celebrated?

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Children's Day, Bal diwas, why children;s day is celebrated, pandit jawaharlal nehru, chacha nehruAs a tribute to Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his love for the children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as Children’s day. Most schools have cultural programmes for the day, with the students managing it all. All over the country, various cultural, social, and even corporates and institutions conduct competition for children. Children’s Day is an occasion for children to engage in fun and frolic. Schools celebrate this day by organising cultural programmes. Teachers of the school perform songs and dances for their students. Therefore, Children’s Day is special. It is a day set aside to remember Nehru’s and his love for children.

Chacha Nehru as the children fondly referred to him, was fond of both children and roses. In fact he often compared the two, saying that children were like the buds in a garden. They should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they were the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. He felt that children are the real strength of a country and the very foundation of society. Nehru was the beloved of all the children who gave him the endearing name of Chacha Nehru.  Children’s Day is celebrated every year to let the people specially parents aware about the importance of celebrating this day.

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Children’s day, in Hindi known as “Bal Diwas“, in India falls on November 14th every year and for good reason. Bal Diwas in India is celebrated every year to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care and education of children. Children are the key of success and development of the country as they would lead their country in different and new technological way. They are adorable and shine same like the precious pearls. Children are the God gifts to their parents by the Almighty. They are innocent, admirable, pure and loved by everyone.

The day long events carried on this day include:-

  • Children are given gifts and chocolates.
  • Variety of competitions like fancy dress, debates, speech related to the freedom fighters, country, story-telling and quizzes.
  • Cultural and social programs like singing, dancing and entertaining with other musical instruments.
  • Special programme for Orphan children by distributing the clothes, toys, musical instruments, stationery, books, and etc.
  • Organising some programs related to the freedom fighters.
  • Organising game activities including puzzle, sweet and sugar treasure hunt and etc.
  • Underprivileged children get a taste of musical programs by famous musicians and speech on health, care and progress.

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