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Why marriages are failing nowadays?

Indian Marriages,weddingsWeddings in India are mostly a larger-than-life affair, it is that which connects two people. Earlier, marriages used to sustain for a long time. However, now it doesn’t seem to. And I think marriages today don’t end because we all have forgotten the meaning of love, it’s because women are becoming independent as like men. Now they are giving a neck to neck competition to the men in every field whether it is household work or doing some extraordinary work outside. Now you can find women in every field. Today’s, women have jobs, aim, dreams and self-respect.

Not only this now women demands to be treated with dignity, respect, and equality. And I think it is not wrong to ask all these basic things to stay in society. If men aren’t ready to give it to them these fundamentals, they will happily move on and start to find it somewhere else or you can say start leaving for themselves. Women are educated and quite ready to achieve their dreams. The only difference between today and yesterday is this tiny step towards equality and happiness.

Earlier, men were someone who had jobs and allows going out and working while women used to stay at home. Women were the ones who did not have jobs, they used to depend on the men for everything as they were unaware of their capabilities and worth.

The men were superior and the so-called phrase which revolves in every family -“man of the house”. On the other hand, the women with nothing to do with this except for raising kids and cook for the family.
They were not supposed to know if they want to be in the relationship or not? The men only had the right to decide everything- “the decision-maker.”

However, now the table has turned women have become the “Boss lady”. They are fighting for their rights, speaking against injustice. And I think that is why marriages are failing nowadays.

You all have heard about the term “Aaj ki Nari Sab pe Bhari” because now, women can think like men too and they are no more “Abla Nari”.

They do have the same brain and I think their brain works more efficiently than men sometimes in some cases, Agree?

Women are everywhere, from driving auto-rickshaw to flying aeroplane. However, some people still cannot handle an independent working woman. If the women running in the race to achieve the goals there are always some people who are ready to pull them down. There are people who think a “Father stay at home” is a big deal but if “Mother stay at home” is normal.

I think we should not think about those who think that a woman doesn’t have the right to end a marriage if she isn’t happy being in it. Don’t judge her. We should stop bothering about those who think if a man works for more hours and concentrates on his career way more than his house & children it’s normal, however, when a woman does the same thing then it is wrong.

I think instead of saying them you are doing wrong we should support them in their path. I want to tell all the ladies through this article they should stop worrying about those people who are telling them that they are doing wrong. In fact, that is their own inability and insecurity talking. Everyone is wonderful and unique in their own way.

A woman doesn’t need a man to define her and she doesn’t need a man’s shoulder to cry on. Instead of that, she needs someone who walks by her side, and compliment her dreams rather than killing it. Because you are capable of everything so don’t ever let what you love to own you and never settle for less than what you deserve!

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