Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Who will issue identity cards to gau rakshaks?

Despite the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ostensible warning, the gau rakshaks (cow protectors) are on the prowl unbridled lynching the people who happen to transport cows legally with necessary documents. Certain sections of the society do this job for a living. Some have been murdered, many are maimed for life and many turned to other menial jobs. Now, the gau rakshaks are demanding identity cards to be issued by the government.  It is not clear from the news reports as to which department of the government will issue these ID cards to the gau rakshaks. Who are these gau rakshaks? Who gave them the authority to assault, maim and lynch? Who appointed them?  Since these gau rakshaks do not have any legal sanction and government protection, they need to be mercilessly eliminated forthwith.

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