Thursday, August 5, 2021
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When will Kashmiri Pandits get justice?

The Supreme Court has rejected the demand of re-opening the case of the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. Even now the Kashmiri Pandits have not been granted justice. It is 27 years since atrocities were committed against them, but even today the situation in the valley is more dangerous. It’s our misfortune that we have to make an appeal in 2017 for re-investigation on the atrocities that were committed 27 years ago. There was no timely investigation of the largest genocide in our country nor was there any interest shown by the Government about this act. Despite 200 cases been registered about the killing of 700 Kashmiri Pandits, no result is seen about the case reaching conclusion. No serious thought was given to this problem. If Kashmiri Pandits were part of the demography of the Valley we would not have seen Kashmir Burning. Those persons who ignored the atrocities against the Kashmiri Pandits and let wrong ideas take root in the valley are the ones who are responsible for the present condition of the state. It is because of them that stone pelters have destroyed the peace.  

Vaijayanti Suryavanshi

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